Article IV, Part Third, Section 14 of the maine State Constitution

Article IV, Part Third, Section 14 of the Maine State Constitution says:

Corporations shall be formed under general laws, and shall not be created by special Acts of the Legislature, except for municipal purposes, and in cases where the objects of the corporation cannot otherwise be attained, and, however formed , they shall forever be subject of the general laws of the state ( emphasis mine)

Quote from the legislative Charter for Brunswick Landing Maine's Center for Innovation : The Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority is established as a body corporate and politic and a public instrumentality of the State to carry out the purposes of this article. The authority is entrusted with acquiring and managing the properties within the geographic boundaries of Brunswick Naval Air Station. [2009, c. 641,
§1 (AMD).]
1. Powers. The authority is a public municipal corporation and may:D. Exercise the power of eminent domain; [2005, c. 599, §1 (NEW).]


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: Home Rule VS Dillon's Law

Excerpt from The new book Public Private Relationships and The New Owners of The Means of Production which examines a global phenomena in terms of how it is implemented locally in Maine, The section on Home Rule vs Dillon's Law is excerpted from the chapter To Be or Not To be Sovereign, The section examines the wording of the statutes and provides an interpretation of the meaning and extrapolation of statistics,knowledge of the statutory history of Maine's economic development policy and other information.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: The Iran Agreement- It's Not Over Until It's Over !

A layman's question to Congress: Reading carefully, the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act contains three different sets of conditions. One of those conditions requires Congress to pass a resolution of approval of the agreement before actions can be taken on sanctions pursuant to the agreement. Will Congress declare that no sanction actions can be taken unless that condition is satisfied?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: Registered By Proxy-The Trump Social Media News Network

Donald Trump has a long history of using disinformation to create the desired perception about himself, a technique he has used through his marketing career. This posts examines the domain registration of a handful of the social media "news" stories proliferating the internet in support of Donald Trump and attacking his enemies. I call this phenomenon headline journalism as the stories seldom support the claims made in the headline and seem calculated on most not reading the story but sharing the headline none the less and in the process distributing reams and reams of disinformation. Who needs the truth? That's for the politically correct ! The Donald and his true believers do not have time for being politically correct- instead they are all about manufacturing perceptions!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: Anti-Establishmentarains Just Following Orders When They Add Megan Kelly to Targeted Politcal Enemies List !

The Donald is a powerful political force, issuing his commands to his political soldiers right from the debate floor- One hint from the Donald and before you know it Megan Kelly is added to the targeted list of politcal enemies and the anti-establishmentarians get to work with the full force of their unbounded creativity to bring MS Kelly down ! See examples of their work here!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: Puppetmaster of the Anti-Establishmentarian Movement - A Professional Marketer in Entertainment Field

DCWHISPERS.COm publishes hearsay articles by an unidentified author which are then distributed across social media and very popular with the ant-establihmentarian movement. In this post I uncover the identity of the author of DCWHISPERS articles and the hidden puppet master of the anti-establishmentarians.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Preserving The American Political Philosophy: The Ever Flexible Political Victimization Strategy Of The Anti-Establishment Right.

The anti-establishmentarians of the far right have an easy to apply campaign formula. One of the essential elements of their campaign strategy is to position themselves and their candidate as a victim of establishment bias. See here how they have brilliantly applied their victimization formula to Trumps positioning at center stage in the first Republican debate ! Priceless !