Article IV, Part Third, Section 14 of the maine State Constitution

Article IV, Part Third, Section 14 of the Maine State Constitution says:

Corporations shall be formed under general laws, and shall not be created by special Acts of the Legislature, except for municipal purposes, and in cases where the objects of the corporation cannot otherwise be attained, and, however formed , they shall forever be subject of the general laws of the state ( emphasis mine)

Quote from the legislative Charter for Brunswick Landing Maine's Center for Innovation : The Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority is established as a body corporate and politic and a public instrumentality of the State to carry out the purposes of this article. The authority is entrusted with acquiring and managing the properties within the geographic boundaries of Brunswick Naval Air Station. [2009, c. 641,
§1 (AMD).]
1. Powers. The authority is a public municipal corporation and may:D. Exercise the power of eminent domain; [2005, c. 599, §1 (NEW).]


Thursday, October 30, 2014

     Preserving The American Political Philosophy

Candidate Anna Morkeski, of Newcastle, running for Maine State Representative is on the right track in making local governance over state dominance a campaign issue- but in terms of right to work, it needs to be factored in that the Pine Tree Zone tax credits make the state the hidden Union negotiator and the general taxpayer the payer of union dues whether the taxpayer benefits or not. In order to become a true Right TO Work state, Maine needs to repeal its Pine tree Zone tax incentives and deconstruct its unconstitutional corporate state.